Elect Joe Rowe - Portland Oregon House Dist 44 - We deserve universal healh care. End generous gifts to corporations making billions. Put people above profit - Do not vote for Tina Kotek

About Joe Rowe

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Our Campaign Goals:
Healthcare as a human right
Rent Control Now
End Oregon no cause evictions
Fund Schools not prisons
Faster and more public transit
More classroom funding
Make polluters pay to cleanup and test 24/7
Pro Taxing the rich, not the poor
Endorsed by Greens, The Pacific Green Party

Joe in blue jacket

- Green Party Candidate
- Public School Teacher
- Public School Parent
- Active in the community
- Accepts money from Humans only
- No group or corporate Money!

Campaign Flyer

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See Tina take money

I'm Joe Rowe.   Please vote for me in May 2014.    I take money only from humans. I do not take money from groups or corporations.

Here are examples of how money corrupts our elections, laws, and lawmakers.

1) Monsanto donated to the Oregon Farm PAC, and the Farm PAC donated to my opponent: Rep Tina Kotek. 

Monsanto was rewarded by having 6 Organic laws shot down in 2013. HB2175 (HB2532,HB2736,HB2736,HB3177,HB3293) 

Tina talks like she is pro Organic. Tina's pro Monsanto votes speak louder.  Tina refused to support or co-sponsor 6 laws to protect organic food and organic farmers.  Those 6 laws died.     Salem is unable to protect Organic Farmers, so many loca cities have taken action to protect their local people.    Tina was the prime negotiator for SB863 that became law in 2013.    SB863 limits cities and small farming communites from passing local regulations when the state becomes disfunctional in protecting our food and farmers.    See tina vote on SB863.  See Tina take money.


picture of money flowing from Monsanto Inc to Oregon Farm PAC

Picture of money flow from farm pac to Tina

money flows from nike and monsanto to tina  - through gallatin inc